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Das flexible Posthof-Abo
Di. 03.12.2019 // 20:00 | Tanz/Performance

Sabine Molenaar / Cie. Sandman (NL/BEL)

Transmute / UN-retained

// GS (num. Sitzpl.): € 22/25/28 (freier Verkauf ab 6.9.)

Sabine Molenaar (c) Britt Guns

In troubled times it feels reassuring to be able to say that we have solid ground under our feet. When you lose that ground from under your feet, the self-image gets out of balance. In "Transmute", familiar soil suddenly turns into quicksand and we slowly sink into an unknown world. Is a person an authentic human being? Are you truly free to make your own choices? Or do environment, time and space determine who you are? What you choose? Are you you? Or are you subject to the dreams of others?

In this new performance by Sandman, choreographer Sabine Molenaar and her four wonderful dancers deconstruct the reality we experience. Sabine peels off the layers and shows them. She adds her dream universe as an extra truth. Time, space and role seem interchangeable. Between dream and quicksand even authenticity seems fluid.

Concept & choreography: Sabine Molenaar
Dance: Marcia Liu, Lisa Bless, Janosch Horn, Joséphine Terme
Scenography & lighting design: Amber Vandenhoeck
Animatronix: Gertjan Biasino
Music: Jochem Baelus
Costume: Joke Van de Casteele
Trailer and photos: Britt Guns
Production: Sandman
Coprodution: DansBrabant
Executive producer: Kosmonaut
With the support of: Performing Arts Fund NL - Nieuwe Makers Regeling, ccBe, De Warande, C-Takt
This initiative was made possible by Grensverleggers, an arrangement to support cultural collaborations between parties in Flanders, the Province of Noord-Brabant, the Province of Limburg and the Province of Zeeland
Sandman/Sabine Molenaar works in a collaboration with DansBrabant & Kosmonaut
Premiere: 29. November 2019

UN-RETAINED (Video-Installation)
Bodies - floating and pliable at about ten meters high between the buildings in a noisy city center. Timeless, weightless. We stand still and look up. As a matter of course we breathe with the breathless apparitions. Then they dissolve in the vacuum.

"UN-retained", a poetic visual story that brings silence into an overwhelming world, lets us forget time, space and gravity; it slows our heartbeat and plunges us into a universe of sans-souci. The experience that both overwhelms and invites contemplation is only possible through a seamless combination of the everyday familiarity of real bodies and hidden technical ingenuity. A spectacle of calm and modesty. Grand and at the same time intimate.

A project by: Sandman
Sabine Molenaar in collaboration with Gertjan Biasino and Jochem Baelus
Concept & Choreography: Sabine Molenaar
Technical Concept: Gertjan Biasino
Composer: Jochem Baelus
Performers/freedivers: Gunther Polle, Thibault Dockx, Corentin Dockx, Thierry Dockx, An Meirsman, Sabine Molenaar
Freediving advice: Thibault Dockx
Production manager: Filip Timmermans
Camera: Alexandra Brixy
Assistant camera: François Starr
Grip: Xavier Servais
Assistant grip: Marc Delcour, Stéphane Colle
Postproduction/ Video mapping: Gertjan Biasino
Dramaturgical advice: Nienke Rooijakkers
Production: Sandman
Executive producers: Alain Freyer & DansBrabant & Kosmonaut
Executive production assistant: Flora Bernard
Coproduction: DansBrabant, GLOW Eindhoven
With the support of: Beamsystems, Fonds Podiumkunsten, Deja! Production, BFC camera rental
This initiative was made possible by Grensverleggers, scheme to support cultural cooperation between parties in Flanders, the Province North-Brabant, the Province Limburg and the Province Zeeland.
UN-retained has it’s première at GLOW Festival in Eindhoven (NL) 9-16 November 2019

Montag, 17. Juni 2019


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