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Sa. 16.11.2019 // 20:00 | Soul/Pop

Lisa Stansfield

"Affection" 30th Anniversary Tour

// GS: VVK € 35; num. Sitzpl. (Galerie): VVK € 45 // Tickets!

Lisa Stansfield (c) earMUSIC, Ian Devaney

Lisa Stansfield announces a run of dates in October and November 2019 to mark the 30th anniversary release of her debut solo album "Affection".

"At the beginning, there was a little bit of fear about it, but we thought 'F*ck it, let's get on with it and see what happens'."

What happened was a multi-platinum album that, on its release in 1989, went onto sell over 5 million copies worldwide, winning 3 BRIT Awards, 2 Ivor Novello Awards, a Silver Clef Award, an ASCAP Award and, overseas, a Billboard Music Award, a World Music Award, and 2 Grammy nominations. Its singles "All Around The World" (which did indeed become massive across the globe), "What Did I Do To You', "Live Together', "You Can't Deny It' and "This Is The Right Time' exploded onto the airwaves and introduced Lisa and her unique brand of soul, R&B and Brit-house to the masses.

Now, on its 30th anniversary, the album will be celebrated with a tour that will see Lisa and her prodigious band perform the hits and more from "Affection", alongside favourites and classics from Lisa's seven subsequent solo records.

"I feel enormously proud of 'Affection'. I said it then and I'll say it now. To have a part of yourself floating around out there for everyone to enjoy and knowing so many people still do enjoy it is a huge compliment. The response it has to this day still inspires me to keep pulling music and emotion from myself and share it with others if they want to share it with me. It feels right to celebrate it. Life is a cycle and music is like that. Right now, in this current climate, 'Affection' makes complete sense." (Lisa Stansfield)

"One of the best British soul voices of the last 30 years." (Classic Pop Magazine)

Aktuelle CD: "Deeper" (2018), earMUSIC

Dienstag, 21. Mai 2019


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